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Well done, thank you for joining me on this journey of Indigenous reconciliation. You took the first step and showed up.


Now, step one grab a coffee and let’s get into Reconciliation Over Coffee.


Brewing Our Coffee

This book has been a long time in coming since I’ve been working in the Indigenous area, well for my whole life as I was born into it but actually working and getting paid for it for over 25 years working with Indigenous governments, non profit sector, federal government, academia, and consulting.


Working in this capacity I often get the same question or lines of inquiry. What is reconciliation? What is indigenization? How do you decolonize? How can we fix historical wrongs? What can I do to help? How can I support Indigenous people and communities? What happened?

So after having lots of individual and organizational conversations on this topic with a lot of coffee and sometimes Kleenex I decided it was time to share some of these thoughts and messaging with people who are open to hearing it, listening, learning, teaching me things I don’t know as I’m a life-long learner, to the ends of ending up in a better place than we started. So the goals of this book are to create a learning community around Reconciliation Over Coffee (ROC), to create a safe space to ask questions and not feel like you’ll be criticized or have someone get angry at you, to learn about Canadian Indigenous history and issues, and to talk about how we can work towards change and decolonization. The audience for this journey is people, businesses, communities, industry, governments, academia and just anyone who wants to learn.

Benefits of the ebook
  • A practical guide to reconciliation with a history of Indigenous issues in Canada which culminates in reconciliation action plans geared mainly for individuals

  • The course is geared for individuals but also more emphasis on organizational Reconciliation Action Plans.

  • The book provides steps to move towards reconciliation


eBook Version is Available


About the Author


Dr. Cheryl Matthew (Simpcw First Nation) is a change-maker who works to end inequity and discrimination and to create cross-cultural understanding between diverse communities in Canada. She is an accomplished not-for-profit executive, public servant, consultant, and a sometimes gardener. She is an unequivocal supporter of the underdog. She spends a lot of time contemplating how to break down societal structures that have disenfranchised Indigenous people globally. She likes to drink a lot of coffee. She loves to do yoga but spends most of her free time volunteering. Her greatest contribution in life is her children: Teya, Mini and Sophia. Paradoxically, she has been known to be hard to work with for speaking the truth, yet great at collaboration, so the truth is likely relative to whether or not you really support Indigenous people.

Cheryl is the lead for the Sea, Land, and Sky Indigenizaton Program with the Faculty of Environment at SFU and an Instructor. She was a public servant for 12 years with Service Canada and Indigenous Services Canada, and was the Associate Director, Indigenization with the Justice Institute of BC and Assistant Professor with WWU. Cheryl has a PhD (Carleton), MA (Royal Roads), and BA (SFU).


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